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    Ke Feiquan, attorney of Zhejiang Liudao Law Office, is authorized by Mr Li Huangquan to make a declaration on his Practical New-type Patent of China as follows:

    Mr Li Huangquan got the Practical New-type Patent for his bearing product-Ball Transfer Unit on May 29,2002, the patent number being ZL01246348.5; ZL01253019.0; ZL01253533.8; ZL01253018.2; ZL01253532.X; ZL200520013870.9; ZL200820087793.5. and patentee being Li Huangquan. The patentee has never authorized any other factories to make this product but Yuhuan Appear Ball Transfer Unit Factory. However, there occur recently in the market a number of ball transfer units with various trade marks in imitation of the patented product as mentioned above. The manufacturing,selling and using of such imitations has infringed upon the legitimate rights and interests of the patentee and disturbed the market, and thus violated relevent provisions of our conntry"s "Patent Law. So, it is required that all those factories ,sales companies and individuals that are still acting illegitimately should immediately stop their infringement acts.Otherwise,as the authorized attorney, I would investigate and deal with the legal and economical responsibilities of them on behalf of the patentee according to relevent laws and regulationgs.

Ke Feiquan
Attorney of Zhejiang Liudao Law Office

May 29,2002

    I, Li Huangquan ,got the Practical New-type Patent for my bearing product-ball transfer units on May 29,2002. The state patent 2ZL01246348.5; ZL01253019.0; ZL01253533.8; ZL01253018.2; ZL01253532.X; ZL200520013870.9; ZL200820087793.5. In order to protect my patent right, I declare as follows:

1) All units and individuals concerned must immediately stop their unlawful production, sales or usage of my patented products, as well as unlawful propaganda through website or advertisement.

2) I am now applying to the Customs for the protection of intellectual property. Whenever any unlawful trading actions of importing exporting my patented products are discovered, I would request the Customs to capture any products concerned on the spot, and destroy or confiscate them, and at the sametime, prosecute the persons concerned, investigating and dealing with their criminal responsibility and civil liability for infringement.

3) I have entrusted information workers all over the country with the task of discovering and knowing well all infringing actions so I am able to seek for legal protection through judicial procedures.

4) I have authorized a powerful lawyer team to prosecute the persons who infringe upon my patent right and refuse to mend their ways despite repeated advice, and to investigate and deal with their criminal and civilresponsibilities.

5) Those who imitate my patented products and sell them under the disguise of a foreign famous brand should immediately stop their infringing actions so as not to disturb themarket order and cheat the consumers. However, I reserve the right to prosecute them.

Such is my solemn declaration!

Patentee: Li Huangquan
June 23, 2002
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